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Medical Elective Programme



Medical Elective Programme
The Jikei University offers a wide range of electives to students in their final year of study at medical school.


Eligibility and Duration of the Course
We offer electives of 4 or 8 weeks. Please see the Application Process. Please be aware that we are not always able to accommodate your preference. We will try to accommodate you in an elective of your choice, but if all these specialties are full we will notify you.


Language Policy
If your proficiency in Japanese language is limited to elementary level, however, your activity at Jikei is likely to be limited to clinical observership, rather than full clinical clerkship which is commonly practiced by final year medical students in the United Kingdom or the United States. This is due to the fact that hardly any patients speak English, neither do nurses nor other hospital staff. For example, you will not be able to take history from a patient unless your Japanese is as good as a native Japanese person. Although virtually all bedside teaching is provided in Japanese language only, senior doctors will do their best to accommodate you as an elective student and attempt to deliver as much teaching in English as possible. This means you will receive appropriate teaching on wards, in clinics or in theatres, where appropriate, but no specific patients will be allocated for you to look after personally.


Elective fees
There are no elective course fees. Students will be responsible for all travel expenses.


Please note your placement can only start on Monday (or Tuesday due to the following holidays falling on Monday: 16/July, 17, 24/September, 8, 15/October, 24/December, 14/January, 11/February).
You are also expected to bring your own white coat (and tie for male students) to wear during your placement.
Upon your arrival, please come to the Centre for International Affairs (Ground floor, Daigaku Kanri-tou) at 9:30 in the morning.
*Should you be late on your first day, please do inform us as soon as possible, as this will affect the whole arrangement for the day.


Subjects Available

Cardiac Surgery
Clinical Pathology
Emergency Medicine
Intensive Care Unit
Medicine (Gastroenterology /Hepatology)
Medicine (Neurology)
Medicine (Nephrology/Hypertension)
Medicine (Rheumatology/Collagen Disease)
Medicine (Cardiology)
Medicine (Diabetes/Endocrinology)
Medicine (Oncology/Haematology)
Medicine (Respiratory)
Neurosurgery :http://www.neurosurgery.jp/eng/neurovascular/index.html
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Orthopaedic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Radiology (Radiotherapy):http://www.jikeirad.jp/English/english.html
Radiology (Diagnostic):http://www.jikeirad.jp/English/english.html
Rehabilitation Medicine
Surgery (Gastrointenstinal Tract/Hepatobiliary Tract)
Surgery (Thoracic/Breast/Endocrine)
Surgery (Vascular/Paediatric)
Urology :http://jikei-ur.umin.jp.e.fi.hp.transer.com/



Application Process

Application Form and Immunisation Form can be downloaded from below.

Application Form  Application Form


Immunisation Form 2017.12.25 New

Please return the following documents by e-mail.


 1. Enrollment certificate
 2. Academic transcript
 3. Recommendation letter from Dean
 4. Copy of passport


Your recommendation letter must be directly emailed by the dean to the following email address.
Incomplete application will not be considered.


Cautions: Due to the capacity of our e-mail system, we can receive only the documents of which total file size is less than 5MB. Please also note that it is our policy to accept no more than 3 students from a single institution over the same period. Please send your files separately, if their size is 5MB or more.


To Apply:
Susumu Minamisawa MD, PhD
Vice-Director of Centre for International Affairs
e-mail address: elective@jikei.ac.jp



We will notify you as soon as possible after the application for the elective has been processed as to whether it is successful. Please note that we have a limited number of electives available. Your response to an offered elective must be sent by e-mail. If you choose to withdraw from an accepted elective, please inform us immediately so that your elective can be offered to others.


In case of cancellation after you are accepted as an elective student at our university, please send a cancelation letter from your Dean of your university.


Please feel free to contact us (elective@jikei.ac.jp) if you need assistance or have questions.


We accept applications only during the following periods.

1. Spring‐Summer terms
For Elective Period: April 1‐September 31,2019
Applications should be sent in between August 1 – October 31, 2018


2. Autumn‐Winter terms
For Elective Period: October 1‐March 31,2019
Applications should be sent in between February 1 – April 31, 2019

NB: Students from partnership universities are exempted from the above rule.


 Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay)


Please also note our elective program is closed during the following periods.


24th April - 6th May 2018
1st August - 31st August 2018
18th December - 6th January 2018


We are currently accepting applications for elective placements starting in March 2019 or before.
We will make a decision as to when we will start accepting applications for placements starting in April 2019 onwards.



Accommodation , Insurance and Occupational Health

Accommodation for female students: Five single rooms within the nurses’ hall of residence on the Jikei campus. Accommodation for male students: Two single rooms located in an apartment block close to the Jikei campus. Please note, due to this limited capacity of our accommodation, it is essential that you make an enquiry to book a room well in advance. Accommodation fees are 10,000 yen/week. If you choose private accommodation, you will be expected to pay your own accommodation costs whilst at The Jikei University. It is not possible to offer any financial assistance towards the expenses of elective students. Students must make their own arrangements for travel to this country.
Please avoid arriving at Jikei on Saturday or Sunday as the accommodation
officer is not available.


Campus Accommodation
Tel: 81-(0)3-3433-1111 ext. 5650
Officer's available time : Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00


Elevator hall Corridor Room for female students Laundry room
Elevator hall Corridor Room for female students Laundry room


You can only check into the halls of residence on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday), and check out on Friday or Saturday between 9:30 and 17:00.
* You cannot check out on Sunday or on a national holiday.



It is obligatory for all overseas elective students to obtain adequate health insurance to cover them during their stay. It is also strongly recommended that you have insurance for your personal belongings during your stay in Japan.


Occupational Health
All applicants are asked to complete an Immunisation Form. It is not possible for students to have contact with patients until we have received proof that they are immune to the following: Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, and Varicella (Chickenpox). We strongly recommend that you are up to date with the above immunisations. Your clinical placement may be restricted if we think that you are a risk to the health and safety of patients or staff.




Ruri Ashida
Director of Centre for International Affairs


Susumu Minamisawa MD, PhD
Vice-Director of Centre for International Affairs


Centre for International Affairs,
The Jikei University School of Medicine

3-25-8 Nishi-shimbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-8461, Japan
e-mail : elective@jikei.ac.jp
Tel : 81-(0)3-3433-1111