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Greeting from the Director of Centre for International Affairs




The Jikei Centre for International Affairs (JCIA) was established in the Academic Information Center in April 2015 to promote international exchange and enhance globalization of The Jikei University School of Medicine.  Some of the activities of the JCIA include: (1) English education of medical students, nursing students, doctors, nurses, and other members of the hospital staff; (2) selecting and sending students to partnership (and non-partnership) universities abroad for their clinical electives; (3) accepting and organizing rotations for elective students from abroad; (4) holding seminars and workshops to enhance global perspectives; and (5) promoting collaborations with partnership universities abroad. The JCIA established its own office with a lounge for Jikei and international students to communicate.  The International Café, a gathering for students, is held in the lounge every Monday at lunch time.
Welcome to The Jikei Centre for International Affairs!


Ruri Ashida
Director of Centre for International Affairs